bathroom in building with beautiful plants and downlights

3 Commercial Plumbing Innovations To Look Out For In 2022

Commercial plumbing is always changing – though you’d be forgiven if you didn’t know that!  It’s our job to keep on top of the latest trends in plumbing for commercial projects....

Sustainable Plumbing

Five Ways To Bring Sustainable Plumbing Into Your New Home Build

How to build your new home cleaner and greener Congratulations! You’re building a new home – and even better, you’re planning an environmentally-friendly build. That’s something to be proud...

View from the street look up at a large glass covered skyscraper against a blue sky

6 Commercial Plumbing Trends for 2021

What you need to know when you need commercial plumbing. Whether you’re involved in building a new commercial property or you need to update the plumbing in an existing one, there...

Construction workers working on a drainage system in the ground

10 Ways to Improve Your Construction Site Safety

With 30 years of experience working on commercial projects, we’ve got a bank of knowledge on the dos and don’ts when it comes to construction site safety. Ensuring projects run...


Bear’s Big Tips: 5 Ways To Save More Water

At Bear Plumbing, we know water. We work with it, we rely on it, and we’re huge on conserving it. That’s why this month, we’ve dedicated our Bear’s Big Tips blog...

A white sink with a wooden countertop next to a shower with a glass door

Bathroom Renovation Tips

It’s no secret that a bathroom renovation is one of the best ways to increase the value of your property.  A modern and functional bathroom enhances every home. If your...

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Summer Holiday Plumbing Checklist

We’ve made it to December and for many of us, it means that well earned and long-awaited break.  Whether you’re stocking up on the sunscreen and heading off to the...

an outdoor shower with wooden doors by a poolside, with water pouring from the showerhead

Summer Plumbing (happened so fast …)

Admit it – you sang that line in either your sweetest Sandy voice or in your swooniest Danny voice!  (that’s a Grease reference, for those of you not showing your age).  Now...

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20 Years of Bear Plumbing

Guess what?  It’s our 20th Birthday!  Bear Plumbing started in 1998 – what a year!  Let’s take a trip down memory lane.  In 1998, Australia’s population was 18.7 million (compared with...

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Change of Season Plumbing Tips: Spring

September marks a change of season, and after some seriously cold weather in last few months, it’s time to thaw out and get ready for spring.  While we generally consider...