If you are looking for a plumber to look after your rentals or buildings – you’ve found one! At Bear Plumbing, we utilise our 30 years of experience to provide strata and real estate companies with the right plumbing services, offering general and preventative plumbing maintenance to ensure your investment is taken care of. Whether you have a commercial building, residential property or portfolio of properties, we’re the plumbing partner you can trust for up-front communication, prompt repairs and service reminders to ensure everything is running as it should.

Plumbing maintenance of properties is an important issue for property managers. Bear Plumbing offers preventative maintenance for roofs, sewers, and storm water drains. A leak or blockage has the potential to result in costly damage – opt for world-class industrial plumbing companies such as Bear Plumbing to make your job a lot more manageable, saving you undue stress.

Real estate agents can rely on our expert plumbing repair service to detect and fix issues such as clogged drains (inside and outside) and roof leaks that devalue a property. Once we’re done, you’ll have the peace-of-mind knowing that the building is functionally sound.

Commercial property management is a demanding job. Here at Bear Plumbing we understand the needs of our clients.

Does strata cover plumbing?

Generally, everything inside the unit is the owner’s responsibility, with common areas covered by the strata. However – it is always worth checking your strata agreement as it may differ from the usual.

Some of the following common plumbing issues can be grey areas when it comes to who is responsible for the solution:

  • Blocked drains – the location of the blockage will determine whether the strata is responsible. Sinks and tub drains are usually the owner’s jurisdiction, whereas shower and floor drains may be strata responsibilities as other units often share the same drain.
  • Burst pipes – again location plays a part here as it depends if the pipe caters to a single unit or multiple. Usually, water damage mould or mildew will be the responsibility of the unit owner.
  • Leaking fixtures and taps – this is general wear and tear and therefore is usually the owner’s problem to resolve.
  • Leaking balconies – if a balcony above is leaking, it may be a strata plumbing responsibility if the cause is a blocked or burst pipe. It’s worth checking if the problem stems from a neighbour watering plants as a simple chat could solve the issue.

Why hire a commercial strata and real estate services partner?

We believe in forging close working relationships with our clients by keeping their plumbing flowing smoothly. That means promptly detecting and fixing blockages, leaks and general wear and tear to protect the value of your property. We pride ourselves on our clear communication and complete transparency on costs, risks and best-practice solutions for long-term reliability.

Bear Plumbing can carry out all real estate and strata plumbing services – general plumbing maintenance, preventative maintenance, gas, backflow prevention, thermostatic mixing and hot water – so you won’t be dealing with multiple providers.

Give us a call – we’ll handle it!