Commercial plumbing is always changing – though you’d be forgiven if you didn’t know that!

It’s our job to keep on top of the latest trends in plumbing for commercial projects. Whether it’s planning fit-outs with modern water-saving tapware or finding sustainable fixtures , the team at Bear Plumbing approaches every problem with innovation top-of-mind.

So, as we come to the end of 2021, we wanted to share three commercial plumbing innovations we expect to see more of in 2022. Check it out below!

DAF Pits

One of the most exciting products in the commercial plumbing space right now is the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) trade waste system. Under the standard set up, restaurants and other high waste output facilities need to use grease pits to capture and separate the grease and oil coming from your dishwashers, sinks and floor drains. Separating that waste protects your plumbing system from blocking and protects your local water treatment facility from costly damage.

However, a large proportion of solids and grease in the wastewater are not caught by traditional grease trap systems – and that’s where a Dissolved Air Flotation system comes in. The HydroFlux HyDAF system works better, offers a lower footprint and uses 50% less power than earlier model DAF systems. We’ll be recommending these for many of our commercial plumbing clients in 2022!

Sensor taps

While sensor taps are not exactly a brand new innovation, we are seeing a hugely increased demand for them in our commercial plumbing renovation and refit jobs! This is, of course, due in no small part to COVID-19.

As public health measures have become more and more important, we’ve seen many of our bigger commercial clients make the switch from old-school mixer taps to hands-free sensor taps in their

public bathrooms. It’s likely this will continue into 2022 and beyond – so if you’re in charge of a commercial facility that hasn’t made the switch, it might be time to think about it!

Sustainable fixtures

Finally, we expect to see higher demand for sustainable plumbing fixtures in 2022. The last few years have seen a global shift toward greener ways of living, and plumbing is a huge part of that. Almost all of our washing, bathing and cooking activities at home and in public involve water or gas plumbing systems, which is why water-saving and power-saving fixtures can make a huge impact.

Water-wise toilets, time-out taps, solar hot water and even commercial greywater systems can help your business go from wasteful to wise in one refit.

So there you have it – our three big predictions for commercial plumbing innovations in 2022.

If you’ve got a commercial plumbing refit coming up, reach out to the team at Bear for a forward-thinking solution. We’re on top of the latest trends in commercial facilities – and we’ve been Sydney’s preferred plumbers for over 30 years!