What you need to know when you need commercial plumbing.

Whether you’re involved in building a new commercial property or you need to update the plumbing in an existing one, there are certain industry trends you should be aware of. Check out our deep dive into some of the more exciting commercial plumbing technologies back on the horizon in 2021.

  1. Sustainable fittings for water efficiency
    Sustainable fittings are one of the hottest trends in commercial plumbing right now. Sure, it’s been going on for a while, but going green shows no sign of slowing down! Many commercial properties like universities, offices and shopping centres built or renovated in the 1990s are now seeing their first round of major bathroom fit-outs. As our attitude toward saving water has shifted over the decades, so has our innovation when it comes to tapware and toilets. Auto-turn-off taps and half flush toilets are just the beginning. Of course, saving water saves business costs too!
  1. Touchless plumbing features
    Touchless plumbing has become a large focus in shopping centre re-fits – especially after COVID-19! We expect to see a lot more of this in commercial plumbing moving forward. It’s all part of the ‘new normal’. More than ever before we’re seeing refits with hands-free sinks, hands-free soap dispensers, automatic hand dryers and even touchless toilets. That’s right – just wave your hand over the sensor and watch the toilet flush itself.
  1. Greywater features for commercial properties
    No longer the sole domain of quinoa-loving hippies on distant communes, greywater systems are becoming more and more prevalent in commercial properties. Greywater is any water produced at a property that is not sewerage. Because it’s likely only been used for washing hands, rinsing dishes and cooking food, it’s able to be treated using biological and chemical processes for recycling. But don’t worry, the greywater isn’t recycled to go into your water bottle – it’s only used for non-potable functions like toilet flushing and garden watering. Could your bottom line benefit from a greywater system?
  2. Changes to commercial trade wastewater rules
    Sydney Water recently introduced changes to the way it manages commercial trade wastewater. If you run a business that discharges greasy wastewater from commercial cooking or contaminated wastewater from workshops, car washes or laundries, you may need to keep an eye on this in 2021. You can check out the standards, approvals and processes you may be required to adhere to at Sydney Water’s Commercial Trade Wastewater page.
  3. Smart water leak detectors
    Normally if you suspect a leak at a commercial property, you need to phone the plumber ASAP. But by the time you spot the leak or notice a shift in water pressure, it’s probably too late – the damage is done. With a smart water leak detector, you’ll know about a leak long before it becomes a problem. This is a very new technology so it’s not something you’re going to see every day, but little gadgets like the Phyn Smart Water Assistant may become the new norm in the coming years. The monitor connects to the water mains at your property and notifies you if a leak is detected anywhere, anytime. It can also provide detailed stats about how your property is using water. Neat!
  1. Switch to solar heating for your commercial premises
    Making the switch from a gas-heated water system to a solar hot water system is one of the easiest and most popular commercial plumbing trends. By reclaiming unused roof space, a solar panel system can easily be set up to produce more than enough electricity to power a commercial hot water system. A solar hot water system reduces water heating costs, energy costs and – of course – carbon emissions.

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