Bear Plumbing explores an alternative to having to dig up damaged or broken sewer or stormwater pipework!


Does the thought of having to rip up your sewer or stormwater pipework due to damage, age and consistent blockages give you an overwhelming sense of

Well lucky for you, there is a process called pipe relining that is being used as an alternative to having to dig up or excavate the pipes for replacement.

Read on as Bear Plumbing walks you through this innovative alternative service to see if it is right for you!


What is pipeline relining

Pipe relining is the process of repairing cracked or broken pipes from the inside, without physically digging them up and replacing. A liner is inserted inside the original pipework, that when expanded and sets, forms a new, hard and durable inner layer that restores your pipes to its original condition!

It is usually performed on older earthenware pipework and can also be applied to damaged PVC pipes as well. Relining is possible for all kinds of sewer and stormwater pipework and over long distances.


How does it work?

Dig-free pipe relining solutions work by firstly clearing out any blockages and debris. We use our CCTV cameras to look inside your damaged pipes and locate these blockages and debris, followed by high-pressure jetting throughout the sewer or stormwater line to clear everything out. Once the pipes are free from obstruction, we insert the liner which creates a new pipe inside the existing line. Epoxy resin is applied between the liner and the old pipe and both the lining and the resin are left to cure. To ensure that the liner has been inserted and cured properly we run the CCTV camera back through the pipework.


Why is it an effective, alternative solution to physical replacement?

Pipe relining allows for the repair of pipework without excavating your existing pipes. For areas where the pipework is inaccessible or where physically excavating would cause major disruptions, this is an effective solution.

Pipe relining can be a cost-effective alternative to physically replacing the pipes as it is a non-destructive alternative to digging.

The new lining has a 50-year guarantee, making it more durable than the old terracotta pipes.


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