Bear Plumbing is a specialist gas installation company in Sydney. Our team is armed with all the knowledge and tools they need to offer you first-class service.

Please note that for your own safety and current regulations, you should always be using a licensed gas fitter when dealing with gas pipe fittings. Attempting any type of DIY is illegal and can result in a dangerous gas leak. It’s imperative that you call a licensed tradesman if you have any issues with gas.

Gas Appliances

Our highly-skilled staff can install an array of gas appliances to suit your needs. These include: BBQs, cook tops, hot water heaters, and indoor or outdoor heaters

There’s nothing better than inviting a few friends around for a BBQ. It’s a great time to socialise and destress. No need to worry about running out of gas and having to run out to swap gas bottles, if your BBQ is connected to a gas main supply.

Winter in Sydney can get pretty chilly. We can supply and fit gas heaters and at the same time, ensure that your gas pipe fittings are operating correctly.

Hot Water Units

The advantages of gas hot water plumbing include almost immediate heating of the water and maintaining a constant temperature.

A faulty hot water unit can stop working without any warning. We can replace the existing unit or upgrade to suit your needs.

Domestic Gas Installation

When you’re remodeling your kitchen for gas appliances, you will need gas fitting services from a trusted and respected plumbing company. One of our specialisations is domestic gas installations. Through our extensive experience, we can fit the appliances and the gas pipe installation for new stoves, refrigerators, and cook tops.

At Bear Plumbing, we care about your safety and are licensed and certified to work on your gas pipes.

Please get in touch with us if you have any enquiries or need advice about gas works, fittings, and pipework. One of our welcoming team members will readily assist you. You can also connect with us via our Facebook page and Instagram or call us on 02 9417 5768.