Bear Plumbing is backed by 30 years of experience, and we’re on hand to help you keep your business running smoothly. We can install trade waste management systems and grease pits. We can also perform regular hot water jetting to maintain your grease lines and organise pump-outs.

We’ll make sure your system is set up to perform for your business and then, most importantly, make sure it’s maintained accordingly.

What is trade waste?

The term trade waste refers to the liquid waste created by commercial, industrial, laboratory or trade activity. This excludes wastewater from private residences, office facilities and staff bathrooms. Businesses might discharge trade waste into the sewerage system with a permit or into grease pits on-site. Commercial trade waste often contains fats and oils which solidifies in pipes and can cause blockages. Regular pipeline maintenance is necessary to keep your trade waste system functioning correctly.

High-pressure water jetting of drains and grease lines

We specialise in high-pressure hot water jetting services to clean grease lines. Using CCTV technology, we’ll assess the job and provide the right solution for your system. Then, we’ll create an ongoing proactive maintenance schedule to keep your trade waste system running smoothly.  Our bi-annual hot water jetting maintenance improves the internal integrity of trade waste pipework, decreasing the risk of blockages and breakdowns.

What is a trade waste agreement?

If your business discharges trade waste, you require a trade waste agreement with your local water authority. The agreement will vary based on the risk level of your trade waste, whether you are expelling greasy food waste, the method of disposal or if you only need a permit for a short period. Do you have a new business and you are not sure of your obligations? We can help you understand your responsibilities, and equip you with the system you need.

Get in touch with Bear Plumbing to discuss your trade waste requirements – we’ll handle it!