Spring is the ideal time to ensure your gutters, downpipes, pits and stormwater lines are squeaky clean for the forecasted rainy summer.


It has been predicted that this upcoming Australian summer is going to be a wet one. With this in mind, spring presents the perfect opportunity to inspect your stormwater system after winter. The stormwater system is a part of home maintenance that is often overlooked, so while the weather is warm and clear it’s a great idea to get on top of it! Here are some of the reasons you should consider enlisting Bear Plumbing to help clear out your gutters, downpipes, pits and stormwater lines.


Prevent damage from rains

This La Niña weather event has really wrecked havoc. With the summer forecasted to be much the same, it would be beneficial to remove blockages (leaves and other debris) from gutters and downpipes now in an effort to avoid the risk of flooding and structural water damage that could result from heavy downpours. Making sure your gutters and downpipes are kept clear to allow them to do their job properly and keep the water away from your home.


How we diagnose stormwater issues

It may not always be obvious when your gutters and downpipes need to be looked at as they don’t always overflow, but instead water goes where it shouldn’t. Damp spots and mould growth around the house, both inside and out, are good indicators that something isn’t right. If there appears to be water present or side effects of having water present where it shouldn’t be, then it’s best to contact us so our team can diagnose and propose a solution for your issues. Making sure your gutters, downpipes and stormwater system are flowing freely is the best way to keep your property from experiencing damages from the rain.


Be taken care of by Sydney’s preferred plumbing specialists!

We’ve been operating as a reliable and reputable plumbing service for more than 30 years, with partners, Brett Matthews and Andy Gonzalvez, who have well over a quarter of a century of plumbing experience between them. 

Bear Plumbing provides you with the most professional and exceptional tradesmen who are courteous, reliable, finish the job on time, clean up before they leave, and most importantly, listen to your needs. We’re able to help you with hot water tanks, blocked drains, CCTV service, electric eel, TMVs, back flow valves, high pressure jetters, burst or leaking pipes and more! 

Bear Plumbing supplies our services to much of Sydney, including the Lower North Shore, Upper North Shore, Northern Beaches, City and Inner West. Feel free to give us a call at (02) 9417 5768 or send us an email at bookings@bearplumbing.com.au to discuss your plumbing needs!

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