We’ve been providing plumbing services in Sydney for over 30 years. We’re experienced in Thermostatic Mixing Valves Testing in Sydney to meet Australian Standards, providing the advice you need to ensure your valve is compliant. We can supply and install new thermostatic mixing valves as required based on your obligations – tailoring the solution to suit your business.

What is a thermostatic mixing valve?

To reduce the risk of burns from occurring, thermostatic mixing valves combine hot and cold water before it comes out of the tap. In commercial applications such as aged care, childcare or public bathrooms, commercial properties are obliged by law to install thermostatic mixing valves anywhere people will turn on a hot tap.

For health and safety reasons, it is incredibly important that your thermostatic mixing valves are working correctly. Burn prevention is crucial and a suddenly hot or cold shower could startle someone, causing slips and falls.

What are the Australian thermostatic mixing valve regulations?

If your company or property gets audited, you’ll need to show you are compliant. Thermostatic mixing valves are a tool to help you meet your obligations to two Australian Standards that were introduced in 1998. Relevant commercial businesses and properties are obligated to comply with Australian Standard 3500.4.2 Clause 1.6 to ensure stored water is 60°C. This regulation came into effect to prevent deadly legionella bacteria as it grows in warm water below this temperature.

Due to the potential for serious burns with tap water this hot, the Plumbing Code of Australia also put a standard on the water temperature coming out of the tap. AS3498 states that water for personal hygiene must be a maximum of 50°C to prevent the risk of burns to individuals.

If you are concerned about your compliance, we’ll come to your site and check all thermostatic mixing valves are working properly and ensure they meet Australian Standards. If you have any problems, we can replace your valves and make sure the taps on your property are safe for public use.

You’re obligated to check your valves annually – we can provide full reports to have on hand, or produce certificates of Thermostatic Mixing Valves Testing in Sydney where required. Using our electronic asset register, we can prompt you of your upcoming obligations and keep all of your certifications and a summary of compliance records on hand if you need them.

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