How to build your new home cleaner and greener

Congratulations! You’re building a new home – and even better, you’re planning an environmentally-friendly build. That’s something to be proud of!

If you’re wondering how you can save water, save money and save the environment with your plumbing, Bear’s got you covered.

Here are our top five picks for sustainable plumbing.


(1) Get your plumbing and drainage installed by a professional

Working with a professional while planning and installing your plumbing has many benefits. They will be able to:

  • Recommend good-quality materials to use
  • Install everything correctly, leading to less waste and repairs in the future
  • Provide advice for ongoing management

It’s best to start working with your chosen plumber early in the process, so they can advise on the best way to install systems most effectively.


(2) Waterwise tapware and appliances

The quickest and simplest way to green up your new plumbing system is to select waterwise tapware and appliances for your new home. Modern waterwise tapware is far, far superior to the old-fashioned faucets and showerheads of the yesteryear. In fact, you can save up to 9,000 litres of water per person per year by using a HHH WELS rated water-saving showerhead.

A well-designed water saving showerhead, toilet, faucet or washing machine might set you back a little more than a cheap big-box store alternative, but the payoff is well worth it. Beyond the water savings, you’ll be spending a bit more now to save a lot more in future. Those 9,000 litres of water you saved for everyone in the household would have been 9,000 litres extra you paid for on your water bill – and that’s just for showers! Chat with your plumber about waterwise hardware and appliances to find out the best options for you.


(3) Rainwater capture

Installing a rainwater tank on your new property is a fast and simple way to save drastic amounts of water. Combining a rainwater capture system and a greywater treatment system can virtually set your property up to be self-sufficient – this is the ultimate waterwise home!

A rainwater tank is a simple device that connects to your home guttering system. Instead of rain flowing into your gutters, through your downpipes and out onto the pavement, that water is collected and diverted into a large tank. From there, you can use the collected water to flush your toilet, water your garden or wash your clothes. This is performed automatically by a pump inside the rainwater system. If the tank is empty, it will switch back to using your mains water supply.


(4) Implement a greywater system

Greywater systems are massively underutilised in Australian homes, and many new home builders aren’t even aware they exist. If you’re one of them, allow us to elaborate…

A grey water system is a brilliant design that simply diverts wastewater from your bathroom and laundry for reuse. The extent of reuse is up to you – with a simple diverter system, you can reuse that wastewater in your garden and significantly reduce your watering and reticulation needs. If you want to take it further, a full-scale greywater treatment system allows you to reuse greywater for flushing your toilet and running your washing machine. Again, these initial investments can lead to massive savings on water bills in the long run.


(5) Plumbing maintenance

There’s one more way to keep your water system sustainable in your new home. It’s not as flashy or exciting as a high-tech toilet, but it’s critical to saving water and saving money: maintenance! Once your build is complete and you’ve moved in, the best thing you can do is to stick to a regular plumbing maintenance schedule. Whether it’s once every six months or once a year, your plumber can find leaks, cracks, drips and other small problems before they become big problems later on. At the end of the day, that means more cash in your pocket and more of our precious water saved.

So there you have it: our top five ways to implement sustainable plumbing in your new home. Happy building – and reach out to the team at Bear Plumbing for sustainable plumbing solutions in Sydney!


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