Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Thermostatic Mixing (TM) Valves are critical for safeguarding commercial properties and building occupants. As Sydney’s trusted commercial plumbers, we maintain and service these innovative devices to prevent scalding and ensure compliance with strict Australian standards.

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Seamless TM valve service

Thermostatic Mixing valves regulate water temperatures by mixing hot and cold water at the tap. From aged care to childcare to hospitals, offices and public bathrooms, proper maintenance ensures these devices work safely every time someone turns on a hot tap.

We provide professional, top-notch TM valve servicing. At Bear Plumbing, we never compromise, cut corners or accept risks. So when safety and compliance matter, call Sydney’s trusted hot water system specialist.

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Our Thermostatic Mixing valve services

Occupant safety is our priority. Our team is highly experienced and fully equipped to ensure reliability and adherence to Australian regulations.

We tap into a deep understanding of Australian regulations and decades of experience to deliver precise testing, installation, and maintenance solutions. From TM valve supply and installation to annual testing and certification, we take the stress out of managing commercial hot water systems in Sydney.

Bear Plumbing takes the stress out of managing commercial plumbing.

Our comprehensive commercial plumbing services, coupled with decades of experience, make us Sydney’s trusted plumbing partner.

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End-to-end expertise

Trust Sydney’s commercial hot water system specialists

At Bear Plumbing, our advantage is the combination of expertise and commitment to customer service. We value prompt service, transparent pricing and quality work. Whether replacing a faulty Thermostatic Mixing valve, advising on commercial hot water systems or managing your commercial plumbing maintenance requirements, you can always expect that same level of service.

We’ve been Sydney’s trusted plumbing partner for over 30 years. When you need a plumber you can trust to keep your premises safe, compliant and functional, call the plumbing company other plumbers call.

Thermostatic Mixing valve FAQs

<span>01</span>Why are TM valves important in commercial plumbing?
TM valves play a crucial role in commercial establishments, ensuring the safety and compliance of plumbing systems. By regulating water temperature, they prevent scalding injuries and safeguard against the growth of legionella bacteria, which can cause severe illness.
<span>02</span> What are the Australian TM valve regulations?
In Australia, commercial properties are mandated by Australian Standards AS3498 and AS3500.4.2 to install TM valves in areas where hot water is available, such as restrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. These regulations aim to prevent scalding injuries and protect public health.
<span>03</span> How often should a plumber check TM valves?
Australian Standards recommend that a licensed commercial plumbing company inspects TM valves annually.

Bear Plumbing can help you schedule and complete these annual checks, with full reports and compliance certificates of TMV testing in Sydney.

<span>04</span> Can Bear Plumbing replace TM valves found to be non-compliant during testing?
Yes, Bear Plumbing can swiftly repair or replace non-compliant Thermostatic Mixing valves to ensure the safety of your patrons and premises. Our team ensures that the correct valves are in place to prevent burns, regulate tap water temperature and comply with regulations.
<span>05</span> What are the costs associated with TM valve checks?
The cost of any commercial plumbing services varies depending on the complexity of the work, the type of plumbing system involved and the location of the property.

We provide transparent upfront pricing and competitive rates for a wide range of commercial plumbing services. We also tailor maintenance and inspection packages for cost-effective plumbing maintenance.

<span>06</span> What are the benefits of working with Bear Plumbing?
With over 30 years of commercial plumbing experience, Bear Plumbing has a team of highly skilled and certified plumbers who are well-versed in the challenges of commercial plumbing.

We prioritise customer satisfaction and provide comprehensive solutions to all your commercial plumbing needs.