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Bear Plumbing is Sydney’s trusted backflow prevention partner. Our accredited commercial plumbers take the stress off property managers’ shoulders, ensuring backflow prevention devices meet performance, registration and public safety requirements.

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Full-service backflow prevention

Is your backflow prevention device due for testing?

Bear Plumbing’s backflow prevention services guarantee the safety and integrity of your water supply. We provide expert testing, maintenance and compliance solutions, from recommending backflow prevention devices to registering annual test results.

If you have received a reminder from Sydney Water to test your building’s backflow containment device, call Bear Plumbing to take the hassle out of testing and maintenance.

Plumbers in Sydney | Bear Plumbing

Our backflow prevention device services

We take a proactive approach to backflow prevention to help Sydney’s commercial properties remain compliant and minimise health risks associated with backflow.

Our accredited team handles all aspects of backflow prevention, from annual testing to compliance documentation. We specialise in identifying the right backflow prevention device based on your hazard rating.

Bear Plumbing is Sydney’s full-service commercial plumbing company.

We tailor service packages to meet your needs for better service and cost-effective commercial plumbing solutions.

Plumbers in Sydney | Bear Plumbing

Compliance and confidence

Our commitment to your peace of mind

We understand that managing commercial properties is complex and time-consuming. That’s why we offer comprehensive commercial plumbing support. We do it all, from backflow prevention device testing to minor civil works, sewer and stormwater inspection, leak detection and hot water units.

With 30+ years of experience, up-to-date training and certifications, and mobile units ready to attend plumbing emergencies, Bear Plumbing is the commercial plumbing company Sydney counts on.

Call the plumbing company other plumbers call for complex commercial projects. Call Bear Plumbing.

Backflow prevention device FAQs

<span>01</span> What is the purpose of a backflow prevention device?
A backflow prevention device ensures water only flows in one direction, preventing contaminants from entering the main water supply. This is most likely to happen with a drop in pressure in the main or if the water pressure on site is higher than the mains source. Contamination risks include chemicals, oils, bacteria and other detritus, all of which present serious health risks.
<span>02</span> Who is responsible for backflow prevention in Sydney commercial properties?
Minimising the risk associated with backflow is the property owner’s responsibility, but we’re accredited to assist you and ensure you’re meeting your obligations.

Bear Plumbing specialises in installing, testing, and maintaining these devices for commercial properties.

<span>03</span> How often should backflow prevention devices be tested, and why is it crucial?
Australian Standards recommend a licensed commercial plumbing company tests backflow prevention devices annually. Regular testing is crucial to ensure the devices function correctly and prevent contamination of the water supply.

Sydney Water will send a reminder when testing is due. Results must also be registered with Sydney Water. We can handle the entire process, so you have one less thing to worry about.

<span>04</span> How does Bear Plumbing assist Sydney businesses in meeting their backflow prevention obligations?
We conduct thorough testing of backflow prevention devices, provide compliance documentation, and ensure that Sydney commercial properties and businesses meet their obligations to prevent contamination risks. Our electronic asset register offers timely reminders for annual checks.
<span>05</span> Can Bear Plumbing handle repairs or replacements if a backflow prevention device fails testing?

Yes, if a device fails or underperforms during testing, we can swiftly handle repairs or replacements to maintain the integrity of your backflow prevention system. Our team ensures minimal disruption and efficient solutions.

<span>06</span> What is the process of obtaining a backflow prevention device permit?
Bear Plumbing can assist businesses in obtaining the necessary permits for backflow prevention devices. Our team guides clients through the process, ensuring compliance with local water authorities.