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With over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial plumbing, we are Sydney’s trusted partner for comprehensive strata plumbing solutions. Our proactive approach safeguards your investment and prevents costly plumbing problems.

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Effortless strata plumbing management

With over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial plumbing, we are your trusted partner for comprehensive strata plumbing solutions.

Our commitment goes beyond locating water leaks and unblocking blocked drains. We understand the demands of commercial property management and work hard to proactively address plumbing issues. That’s why we are the plumbing company other plumbers call.

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Plumbers in Sydney | Bear Plumbing

Our strata plumbing services

Whether you manage a single building or a portfolio of properties, Bear Plumbing is your full-service partner for professional strata plumbing.

Bear Plumbing leverages 30 years of experience to provide unparalleled strata plumbing services to real estate and strata companies. From one-off pipe relining to regular preventative maintenance, we handle end-to-end strata plumbing requirements.

Bear Plumbing is prompt, professional and proactive.

Explore all our commercial plumbing services to learn how we remove the stress of property management.

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Trust and transparency

Your peace of mind is our priority

With Bear Plumbing, you won’t need multiple plumbers – one call, and we’ll handle it all. Our dedication to clear communication, transparent pricing and a comprehensive range of services sets us apart.

Above all, we understand the intricacies of strata plumbing and the demands of commercial property management. We’ve spent over 30 years developing our services to ensure residents and owners all across Sydney, from the inner west to the North Shore and Roseville, have a trusted plumber on call.

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Why hire a commercial strata and real estate services partner?

We believe in forging close working relationships with our clients by keeping their plumbing flowing smoothly. That means promptly detecting and fixing blockages, leaks and general wear and tear to protect the value of your property. We pride ourselves on our clear communication and complete transparency on costs, risks and best-practice solutions for long-term reliability.

Bear Plumbing can carry out all real estate and strata plumbing services – general plumbing maintenance, preventative maintenance, gas, backflow prevention, thermostatic mixing and hot water – so you won’t be dealing with multiple providers.

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Plumbing Services Sydney | Bear Plumbing

Strata plumbing FAQs

<span>01</span> Why is strata plumbing maintenance crucial for property managers?
Strata plumbing maintenance is crucial for preventing costly damages, ensuring the safety of residents, and complying with regulations. Bear Plumbing specialises in preventative plumbing maintenance for roofs, sewers and stormwater drains.
<span>02</span> Who is responsible for strata plumbing maintenance?

Generally, everything inside the unit is the owner’s responsibility, with common areas covered by the strata. However, it is always worth checking your strata agreement as it may differ from the usual.

Some of the following strata plumbing issues can be grey areas:

  • Blocked drains: The location of the blocked drain will determine whether the strata is responsible. Sinks and tub drains are usually the owner’s jurisdiction, whereas shower and floor drains may be strata responsibilities as other units often share the same drain.
  • Burst pipes: Again, location plays a part here as it depends on whether the pipe caters to a single or multiple units. Usually, water damage, mould or mildew will be the unit owner’s responsibility.
  • Leaking fixtures and taps: This is general wear and tear and, therefore, usually the owner’s problem to resolve.
  • Leaking balconies: These may be a strata plumbing responsibility if the cause is a blocked or burst pipe.
<span>03</span> Can Bear Plumbing handle plumbing maintenance for both commercial and residential strata properties?
Yes, Bear Plumbing caters to both commercial and residential strata properties. Our services include general plumbing maintenance, preventative maintenance and compliance checks for diverse property types.
<span>04</span> What strata plumbing services does Bear Plumbing provide?
As full-service residential and commercial plumbers, we handle all manner of strata plumbing. From gutter cleaning to trade waste maintenance, sewer and stormwater systems, blocked drains and pipe relining, we protect Sydney’s commercial plumbing systems from top to bottom.
<span>05</span> How does Bear Plumbing handle relationships with property managers?
We forge close working relationships with property managers, real estate agencies, and builders, ensuring collaborative oversight and safeguarding all plumbing fundamentals in commercial properties.
<span>06</span> Why is maintenance important for strata plumbing?
General and preventative maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns, prolongs equipment lifespan, and contributes to a safer and more comfortable environment. Bear Plumbing specialises in comprehensive maintenance services for commercial properties.

Our preventative maintenance for strata plumbing systems includes annual or bi-annual water jetting for stormwater systems, gutter cleaning and downpipe repair, pipe relining and drain inspection.