Gutter Cleaning & Downpipe Repair Sydney

Our gutter and downpipe solutions protect your property from heavy rainfall, debris and hidden blockages. From routine gutter cleaning to extensive overhauls and stubborn blocked drains, we make roof plumbing safer, stronger and stress-free for Sydney homeowners.

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Comprehensive guttering, downpipe and drain services

Debris and blockages can threaten your home’s safety, aesthetics and structural integrity. But not with Bear Plumbing on your side. Our comprehensive residential plumbing services keep your peace of mind intact and your home protected from the elements. Book a gutter cleaning consultation or blocked drain diagnosis to discover why 30+ years of experience, the latest equipment and unsurpassed local knowledge make us Sydney’s trusted team.
Plumbers in Sydney | Bear Plumbing

Our gutter cleaning and downpipe repair services

From routine maintenance to extensive overhauls, we’re the plumber other plumbers call for downpipe repairs and gutter cleaning in Sydney.

Bear Plumbing specialises in seamless gutter and downpipe installations, efficient drain unblocking and expert repairs. Plus, our team can assess your sewer and stormwater system to identify any potential issues and recommend preventive measures to keep them in top condition.

Sydney’s full-service residential plumbing partner.

Gutter cleaning and downpipe repair are just some ways we protect Sydney homes.

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Seamless service in Sydney and surrounding areas

Trust the plumber other plumbers call

The Bear Plumbing team brings over 30 years of residential plumbing experience to every consultation. You can expect the same professionalism, preparedness and respect whether we’re cleaning your gutters or rebuilding your entire roof plumbing system.

This commitment to customer satisfaction makes us Sydney’s trusted residential plumber, from the inner west to the upper North Shore. So, when you need thorough gutter cleaning, top-notch downpipe repair, or a tailored service to protect your property, our team is ready to take your call.

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Guttering & Downpipe Diagnostics

In heavy or frequent periods of rain, you will know when you need your gutters and down pipes looked at as the rainwater overflows and goes where it shouldn’t. Sometimes roof plumbing won’t overflow so visibly, but damp spots and mould growth are common signs that something is amiss.

We can clean out your guttering and down pipes. We also test stormwater systems to ensure they are running clear and not liable to cause any further blockage.

We diagnose and clear guttering and downpipes using:

  • High-pressure water jetters
  • Electric eels or drain snakes
  • CCTV cameras
Plumbing Services Sydney | Bear Plumbing

Gutter cleaning and downpipe repair FAQs

<span>01</span> How often should I call Bear Plumbing for gutter cleaning?
Regular cleaning is recommended at least twice yearly to prevent blocks and water damage. You can handle some cleaning yourself if you’re comfortable on a ladder.

However, debris tends to build up where you can’t reach it. We advise scheduling professional gutter cleaning and downpipe drain inspection at least once a year.

<span>02</span> Can you install gutter guards to prevent leaves and debris buildup?

Yes, gutter guards are an effective solution to minimise debris and reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning.

<span>03</span> What signs indicate a problem with my guttering and downpipes?

Overflowing gutters, water stains on walls, or damaged foundations may indicate issues that need attention.

Call our residential plumbers to schedule a professional inspection if you notice any of these signs.

<span>04</span> How can I solve gutter and downpipe issues during extreme weather?
Preventative maintenance is the best remedy. We recommend scheduling a gutter cleaning and downpipe inspection visit before the rainy months so you’re not caught out when Sydney’s wild weather hits.
<span>05</span> How do you locate blockages in downpipes?
We use advanced CCTV cameras to inspect downpipes and pinpoint the blockage. We can also inspect underground pipes to ensure you don’t have a blocked drain issue lurking under your home.
<span>06</span> Do I need to call a plumber for gutter cleaning?
Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential gutter and downpipe issues before they become major problems. We recommend preventative maintenance over emergency repairs, giving you one less thing to worry about when wild weather arrives.