Bass Hill Plaza for Charter Hall

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Project Overview

Project Name

Revitalising Bass Hill Plaza: Crafting a Modern Retail Oasis


753 Hume Highway, Bass Hill NSW 2197


1 year (Commencement to Completion: March 2021 – March 2022)


The Bass Hill Plaza underwent a comprehensive transformation to cater to contemporary retail needs. As the appointed plumbing contractor, our work was pivotal in the shift towards a fresh food and food-centric tenancy mix for the retail space. Essential services such as a medical centre and dentist were also introduced, and we played a key role in reconfiguring outdated tenancy layouts to match modern shopping centre requirements. Our plumbing expertise was also crucial in increasing leasable areas by reclaiming previously unusable spaces. Upgrades were made to facilities, including enhanced amenities like parent rooms and accessible features.

Plumbers in Sydney | Bear Plumbing


Our mission was clear: to metamorphose the Bass Hill Plaza shopping centre into a modern, vibrant haven for tenants and customers alike.

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Plumbers in Sydney | Bear Plumbing

Unique Challenges

One of the major challenges we faced, particularly as a commercial plumber in Sydney, was that the shopping centre remained open throughout the refurbishment process. This meant we had to carefully plan and coordinate our activities to ensure minimal disruption to businesses and shoppers. This required extensive out-of-office hours work and measures to mitigate noise levels.

Approach and Solutions

Our approach to the project was characterised by meticulous planning and a highly skilled workforce. We assigned a team of 7 to 10 dedicated professionals to handle various aspects of the refurbishment, ensuring expertise in each specialised area.

Collaboration with other trades and contractors was essential for the success of the project. We worked closely with subcontractors, excavation teams, concrete cutting and core drilling specialists, as well as builders, electricians, and demolition contractors. Coordination was managed through regular meetings and a unified project management system.

Plumbers in Sydney | Bear Plumbing
Plumbers in Sydney | Bear Plumbing

Scale and Complexity

The 19,571 sq metre shopping centre’s scope of work involved a wide range of plumbing systems, including trade waste installations, minor civil works, rainwater reuse systems, fire hydrant systems, hot water systems, gas supply, and various compliance measures.

Materials and Techniques

Given the extensive nature of the project, we employed cutting-edge techniques and materials to ensure the highest quality workmanship. This included specialised equipment for concrete cutting and core drilling, as well as state-of-the-art components for the fire hydrant and gas systems.
Plumbers in Sydney | Bear Plumbing
Plumbers in Sydney | Bear Plumbing

Results and Success Factors

The key success factors for this project were meticulous planning, skilled execution, and having the right expertise on board. The transformation of the shopping centre was evident, with a shift towards a more food-centric tenant mix and a notable increase in foot traffic. The Woolworths shop received high ratings, now ranking among the top 5 in Charter Hall Centres Australia-wide.

Client Feedback

The client provided great feedback upon completion of the project, expressing satisfaction with the quality of work and the seamless execution despite the challenges posed by the live site.
Plumbers in Sydney | Bear Plumbing
Plumbers in Sydney | Bear Plumbing

Referrals and Future Projects

This successful project has not only strengthened our relationship with Charter Hall but has also opened doors to additional projects with them. The quality of our work has led to further commercial plumbing opportunities for collaboration in Sydney.

The Bass Hill Plaza for Charter Hall refurbishment project exemplified Bear Plumbing’s commitment to excellence, adaptability, and professionalism. Through careful planning, effective coordination, and the application of specialised skills, we were able to deliver exceptional results, leaving a lasting positive impact on the shopping centre and our client.