There is a multitude of decisions to be made when renovating your bathroom.  Colour schemes, tapware, layout, storage, tiles … literally thousands of options on offer.  There is one bathroom fixture that’s more polarising than any other. Some people get uncomfortable at the mere mention of it. But it’s ok, we’re all adults here, so we can talk about this. When renovating your bathroom, what are your thoughts on including a bidet – yay or nay?

A bidet is a basin situated close to the toilet that looks a little bit like a shallow bowl with water taps.  You use a bidet to clean yourself with water rather than toilet paper, after using the toilet.  Some people use a bidet without toilet paper, while some use the bidet and toilet paper, and others use the bidet and then dry off with a towel.

Many people simply don’t know how a bidet works, leaving some with an overarching “ewww” factor.  In the 2015 season of renovating show The Block, one couple made what was considered a bold decision to include a bidet in their bathroom and the judges were divided in their opinion.  It was a big deal!  Most people have never sat on a bidet, wouldn’t know how and are too afraid to ask. In many countries, bidets are de rigueur, and it’s considered odd if there wasn’t one in the bathroom.  We’re generally not used to them here in Australia.

There are many good reasons for considering the inclusion of a bidet in your bathroom renovation:


This possibly the most obvious reason when you think about it … but most of us don’t think about it because, well, it’s a bit icky.  Put simply, we’re going to go with a handwashing analogy.  When you have dirty hands, you wouldn’t think to clean them with a dry paper towel – you wash them and most likely use some sort of soapy hand wash, after which you know they’re clean.  Same principle applies down south. You could argue that such a sensitive area demands proper hygiene, yet most Australians have been exclusively using toilet paper their entire lives.  If it’s absolute cleanliness that you’re after, a bidet will deliver better than TP.


The average consumer uses around 8.6 sheets of toilet paper per trip – a total of 57 sheets per day (although parents of small children know little people who can absolutely smash that statistic!).  Thinking big picture, that’s around 20,000 sheets or rolls every year for every person.   On the other hand, bidet owners generally use a tiny amount of toilet paper, so the overall need for cutting down forests is decreased significantly.

Cost Savings

Still talking about toilet paper, when you consider that a large 20-pack of toilet paper costs between $8 and $12, depending on your brand of choice, you can see the cost savings add up over the course of a year.  And it’s literally going down the toilet!

Wow Factor

Because they’re a relatively unknown quantity in Australia, bidets definitely have the wow factor!  There are some seriously high-tech models on the market, with technology like soft-close functions, water temperature options, and even seats that can be installed onto your existing toilet, eliminating the need for the extra space.  There are also hand-held bidets available on the market.  These can be fitted to the water diverter to your existing cistern and looks like a small shower head with a hose.  Whichever way you look at it, bidets are bound to be conversation starters for people visiting your house, putting you into the trendsetter category (for better or worse).

So, there you have it.  A couple of reasons why bidets are starting to catch on in Australia.  If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, why not consider including a bidet?  Talk to the Bear team – we can give you advice about options and installation, without any awkward giggles.

Interior of bathroom with bidet and toilet. Modern design of bathroom.