September marks a change of season, and after some seriously cold weather in last few months, it’s time to thaw out and get ready for spring.  While we generally consider spring to be from the start of September to the end of November, some argue that it doesn’t technically start until the spring equinox on September 22. This is the day when our beautiful planet is exactly side-on to the sun and night and day are equal length (take that to your next trivia night!). In any case, we’re up for a change in season and this is a great time to think about the impact on your home and what you can do to get prepared.

More than any other seasonal change, spring seems to inspire people to make a fresh start. Spring cleaning is a thing – in fact, it’s been a thing for some time. There are numerous examples of cultural and religious traditions of spring cleaning stretching back hundreds of years. The common theme is airing the house out after being cooped up during winter. The Bear team takes this change of season as the perfect opportunity to look at your home’s plumbing – how has it survived the cold of winter and is it ready for the heat of summer?

Here are our top tips to get you ready for spring:

In the bathroom:

It’s been the source of most of your hot water usage during winter (all those nice, hot showers that were difficult to drag yourself out of).  Check your taps and showerheads for signs of drips and leaks.  Have a closer look at your toilet and look out for cracks, listening out for hissing noises, and make sure it flushes properly.  Get down to ground level at your floor waste grate. If it’s a bit whiffy, pour a kettle full of boiling water into it to reduce the potential for smells.

In the kitchen:

This is where all those deliciously warming winter meals have taken shape over the last few months, so chances are your kitchen has worked hard.  Open up your kitchen sink cupboard and have a look at your pipes for any signs of water leakage (you may have to move all the pots, pans and cleaning stuff out of the way!). While you’re there, check your dishwasher hoses for splits and cracks.  If you have a gas stove and oven, check that that the fittings are firing properly.

In the laundry:

Inspect your washing machine hoses, looking out for signs of bulges, cracks, kinks and splits.  A change of season is a great reminder to clean out your washing machine strainer that captures lint, hair and soap residue – usually a small square at the front of your machine. This can be a bit icky, so consider wearing rubber gloves.  If you have a sink in your laundry room, do the usual checks for leaks.

In the garden:

The plants are about to come alive again after winter hibernation. Chances are you haven’t needed to use the outside water taps for a few months, so it’s a good time to check that these are all working and not leaking.

Looking ahead:

Summer is just around the corner. Now’s the time to think about some potential projects that could really make your summer – we’re thinking an outdoor shower, an outdoor kitchen area or even just converting your BBQ area to gas to ensure that you never get caught out with half-cooked snags again.  You’ll need a qualified plumber for these sorts of projects and the Bear team is ready to work with you to get you sorted – December will be here before you know it.

We bang on about home maintenance at the start of every season – and for good reason.  Quite simply, your home is your biggest asset, so it deserves at least as much maintenance attention as your car!  You don’t need any special skills to go through this checklist of maintenance tips for spring – you just need to know what to look out for.  As always, if you spot any sign of problems, give us a call. And happy spring!

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